"Be unpredictable, be real,

  be interesting. Tell a good story." 

               –James Dashner

I love a good quote. But more importantly,  I believe in this one. 


I know telling a good story is how you make bridges that create lasting connections between consumers and brands. And making timely, engaging content placed in the most effective platforms, is

how you successfully do that. 


I create content solutions steeped in strategic, analytic understanding, cultural context, and raw human truth in order to deliver creative that serves  brand business objectives.

As a 20+ year, advertising and marketing creative, I have acumen for delivering award-winning creative work that is dynamically enabled

by choice of social/digital platform or media channel.

As a creative leader, I inspire excellence, by building creative teams

to be smart, brave and deliver innovative, platform agnostic ideas that shape consumer conversation and leave bold imprints on society. 


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