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"Be unpredictable, be real,

  be interesting.

  Tell a good story." 

               –James Dashner

I believe this quote. 


Because I believe strategic, compelling storytelling is exactly what is needed to create a bridge between consumers and brands. And relevant content placed in the most effective platforms, has the power to deliver that. 


I am a creative maker and I co-create content solutions with brands steeped in strategic insight, cultural context and human instinct, but serving the brand business objectives.

As a 20 year, results-oriented, advertising creative, I have acumen for not only impactful storytelling, but for delivering award-winning creative work by navigating the complexities of a more inclusive, culturally fluent consumer marketplace.

As a creative leader, my goal is to inspire excellence, by mentoring creatives to be fearless and deliver bold,  brave, innovative ideas that shape consumer conversation.


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